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Merl with tower of the church

Termine 2017

If you need more information about celebrations:
Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH
Balduinstraße 44
56856 Zell (Mosel)
Tel: 06542 96220 Fax 06542 962229

On the following celebrations you can even enjoy our wines:

29.4.2017 Weinkulturnacht im Zeller Rathaus (tasting of the new 2016 wines)

23.6.2017 - 26.6.2017 Weinfest Zeller Schwarze Katz (wine-celebration in Zell-Mosel)

14.6.2017; 20.6.2017; 29.8.2017; 26.9.2017; 24.10.2017 Moselabend in Zell (wine and music at the black-cat-fontain)

11.-14.8.2017 Weinfest in Zell-Merl (wine-celebration in Zell-Merl) www.merlerweinfreunde.de19.-20. 8.2017 Brunnenfest in Zell (wine and music at the black-cat-fontain)

31.8.2017-4.9.2017 Weinfest der Mittelmosel in Bernkastel-Kues (wine-celebration in Bernkastel-Kues)

6.-8.10.2017 Federweißenfest (celebration of the new wine in Zell-Mosel)

our Merl

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