history of Merl

782 A certain Herolf gives a vineyard and a field in Merl to the monastery Lorsch.
around 1285 Establishment of a Minoritenmonastery and a latin school in Merl.

The monastic church of the former Minoritenmonastery with Antwerpen carved altar of 1525 and the oldest roof timbering of Germany from the year 1290 is today our church. The old churchtower is about 600 m away from the altar and because of this Merl has the biggest church of the world.

old church in Merl - with our "Pissamann"

1969 incorporation of Merl into the city Zell. “Urban” became Merl thereby not, but remained a calm, leisurely winegrower village.

Since then all wines of Merl may be sold also under the world-well-known large slope of “Zeller black cat”. Most winegrowers sell however further their wines under the Merler single slope. However for barrel wine market the large slope Zeller black cat is profitable.

2003 since 1952 the winefestival is celebrated on the 2. weekend in August.
2003 the “Merler Weinfreunde e.V. organized his first winecelebration with a historical walk trough the village www.merlerweinfreunde.de. guided tours or a winetasting even during the year on request at Silvia Steffens-Durm.
2010 dedication of the “Merler Pissamann wine learning path” by the “Merler Weinfreunde e.V.”
guided tours on request at Silvia Steffens-Durm

our Merl

history of Merl celebrations at us worth to see

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