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The quality in detail leads to the success in whole.

We addict most of our work to our white wine.
The whole work of the year is included in this quality work.

We start with a reduced first cut, who is keeping the vines young.
During the growing period we make sure, that there are enough leaves and that the grapes get enough aeration.
A soil, rich in humus and porous, makes an optimal nutrient supply. The adapted cover with plants and grass protects the soil from erosion.
The hand selected vintage is as a matter of course.
After the vintage follows a quick, gently treatment of the grapes, a cool and clean treatment of the must and a cool fermentation in the wooden casks. Every slope is developed on its own to keep the special character of the wine from the grape into the bottle.

A good development of the wines depends on the experience of the cellar master. He knows the origin of his musts and knows, which must is the best to develop a dry, semidry or sweet wine. After the fermentation the wines need some time to ripen. Acid poor wines like Rivaner and Bacchus are filled in bottles earlier. The good Riesling wines need more time to ripen before filling, but afterwards you can keep them longer. Good things need time. Don´t be surprised that we offer them later.

It is because we want to be proud of our wines.

oak wooden casks in our vaulted cellar

The speciality of the red wine development starts in the vineyard at the end of August with the “green vintage”.

At the optimal ripeness of the grapes we start with the hand selected vintage the effort and time consuming red wine preparation. At first the berries are separated from the grapes to avoid bittern. Then the mash is heatened to carry the colour from the skins over to the must. We choose this method to have less tannins in our wine. After the pressing the must is fermented at cool 18 ° C to keep the aromas in the wine. If the wine is totally fermented, he is separated from the yeasts. Than he gets warmed to start the biological acid degradation. 6 weeks later the wine is filtrated and can ripen for several month in oak wooden casks.

You can taste that the effort is worth. Taste our wine and you will be stoked.

our red wines


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